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Anime vs Cartoons – Is Japanese animation better than western cartoons?

I know a lot of people might hate me for writing this article, but I’m doing it anyway. I'm huge movie, TV and anime fan. And while I think I don’t appreciate the latter enough, I feel that I've seen my fair share of these types of shows, more than enough to create my own opinion about them and to share it on the Internet.

In this article, I will write my honest opinion on the debate between Japanese Anime and American television programming, in what I hope will be the most objective manner possible. Now, before I start the discussion, I want to make it clear that I don’t think all anime is better than western television, nor do I believe that movies and TV shows are superior to all anime; I believe that they each have their strengths and weaknesses. But in the spirit of healthy competition, I present to you my opinion on which comes out on top.

Anime VS Western Cartoons

Beginning with cartoons, let’s compare how western kids' shows fare against Japanese anime. I want to start off by saying that I watched a ton of cartoons when I was growing up. Heck, I still do! From both Cartoon Network’s and Nickelodeon’s regular programming, but especially from the former. And it is with this experience that I can truly say that today’s cartoons have really gone down in terms of quality and educational value. I was a 90’s kid, and I remember that I could tune in to these channels at any time and find shows that would entertain me, while also teaching me valuable life lessons. Who doesn’t remember the Countries Song interpreted by Yakko Warner? I never had any trouble with geography class after listening to that song multiple times.

Other shows like Looney Tunes had a great deal of slapstick humor, but they could be overly-sentimental at times, and teaching a few lessons while they were at it. The best kinds of cartoons of these times were filled with slapstick humor for easy laughs, a few lessons that children could pick up, and also some mature references directed to adults.

Looking back at these shows from where I am right now, I can say that they were were probably not bad at all. However, today’s shows are just filled with anthropomorphic animals beating each other up, and deformed characters just doing shenanigans to fish for cheap laughs from the crowd. There are still some noteworthy shows, like “Steven Universe” and – to some degree – “Clarence” that deliver a great story while also teaching kids the importance of companionship, honesty and other values.

Japan also has its fair share of anthropomorphic and talking animal characters, but in kids’ anime like Chi’s Sweet Home, these animals are cutesy and go on fun and enjoyable adventures that can appeal to a wide audience, without having to resort to slapstick violence and the “gross” factor (burping, farting) to entertain the viewers.

Most American shows nowadays are also fraught with one-dimensional and cliched characters that battle with the antagonists in classical good VS evil fashion. Even old-school children's anime like Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z have characters with realistic feelings and goals who get their personalities developed as the show goes on.

I guess that what I'm trying to say is that you get more bang-for-your-buck with anime nowadays. It seems that currently, western cartoons depend too much on immature humor to keep the audience entertained; meanwhile, anime treats us with realistic characters and mature storylines that can appeal to both kids and adults.

Adult Anime VS Cartoons For Adults

Of course, when talking about animated shows, we can’t leave out the ones aimed at more mature audiences. However, I believe that in this case, western cartoons repeat the same mistakes with their children's shows. Besides the fact that Americans don’t have a lot of cartoons for adults, the ones they do have also rely on slapstick humor and appealing to the “gross factor”. Of course, there are always notable exceptions, like Ugly American, that make use of smart humor and pop culture references along to complement their slapstick.

Japan is much more varied in their cartoons-for-adults department, mainly because of the fact that in this country, an adult unironically watching cartoons isn’t frowned upon. It seems that in America, a full-grown person gets belittled when he decides to spend his free time watching animated cartoons, while in Japan, it is actually encouraged. This country has even gone as far as to build monuments to their most famous cartoons, and their mascots are mostly anime characters. I guess the main difference between Japanese and American adult cartoons stem from the fact that in the former, it is socially acceptable for a grown-up to watch anime; while in the latter, it is frowned upon.

Japanese Live-Action And Movies VS The American Movie Industry

American cartoons basically can't hold a candle to Japanese anime – I think I've made that fact clear by now. However, America is much stronger when it comes to movies and TV shows. While anime can appeal to a wide audience of all ages with their programming, western culture has dedicated a great deal of their efforts to creating enjoyable live-action content; in fact, most famous actors come from America, and the Hollywood film industry is constantly producing movies of all styles and genres. And while most are decent at best, some really hit home with their setting, narrative, and character development.

While Japan may also produce engaging stories with interesting characters and plots, these are simply not enough to overpower America’s huge movie industry. I can safely say that the west wins this part of the race.

However, after all is said and done, the best option will always be a matter of personal preference. The point of this short article is to simply express my honest opinion on which type of media is better. That being said, I can easily sit down and enjoy a good OVA, anime, movie, or American sitcom equally; it all depends on what type of mood I’m in.

Do you agree with my opinion? Are you against it? Do you want to rip my head off for insulting your favorite type of media? Well, don’t be shy! Feel free to send me your comments to my email, I’ll be waiting.

About the author: Juan López is a freelance writer living in Venezuela, and offers all sorts of writing services to any interested parties. You may contact him at his personal email, or on Facebook @wirch007.

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